Nordic Music Days 2021

The whole of Tórshavn will be buzzing with new Nordic music when Nordic Music Days is held for the first time ever in the Faroe Islands 1st to 4th of September 2021. 

Under the main theme “Roots”, the vision is to create strong and present experiences for all. Through meetings between audiences and different concert formats, the aim is to provide a breeding ground for the Faroe Islands’ unique musical traditions and the participating artists’ own deep roots to nurture each other.
– Aldubáran will feature with concerts with works by a.e. Kaija Saariaho and Tróndur Bogason.

Beethoven & Aldubáran

Saturday 28th September 2019 in the Nordic House in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.. Programme: Kreutzer-sonata for violin/piano and Septet opus 20 for strings, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

Featured musicians: Jón Festirstein, violin, Angelika Hansen, viola, Kristina á Váli, cello, Leif Jensen, double bass, Páll Sólstein, horn, Christina Andersen, bassoon, Anna Klett, clarinet. Sámal Petersen, violin and Jóhannes Andreasen, piano

Happy New Year 2015

Kæru vinir

Aldubáran ynskir øllum eitt gott nýggjár. Vit gleða okkum at koma runt oyggjarnar at framføra góðan tónleik fyri tykkum í 2015. Vit byrja við samarbeiði við Listaleypin í mars, har vit spæla Poetikus. Várkonsert í apríl. Summartónar har vit hava 12 konsertir í ár. Heystkonsert. Í 2015 fer Aldubáran eisini at hava 2 fløgu útgávir.

Dear friends,
Aldubáran wants to wish all of You a happy new year. We very much look forward going into 2015 with some exiting projects. We hope to see You at some of our concerts. In 2015 Aldubáran will release two CD’s.