School Concerts / Listaleypurin

In March Aldubáran will play Poetikus together with Jensina Olsen in the Faroe Islands. The concerts are a collaboration with Listaleypurin and the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.Poetikus is a story written by faroese artist Edward Fuglø. Andras Olsen and Páll Sólstein have written the music. Jensina Olsen will be the narrator. Andras Sólstein will do a picture collage to be shown while we preform.

The concerts:
Monday 9th March, Sands Skúli (closed)
Tuesday 10th March, Leirvíkar skúli and Tofta skúli (closed)
Wednesday 11th March, Skúlin við Lømannabreyt (closed)
Thursday 12th March, Sørvágs skúli and Vestmanna Skúli (closed)
Friday 13th March, Skúli við Ósánna (closed)

Wednesday 13th March, Nordic House, public concert

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