27 Juni

Aldubáran are celebrating there 20th anniversary on the 27th of june. Three concerts will be held during the day in the Nordic House.

1200 Poetikus. A children concert. Edward Fuglø has written the story and painted the pictures. Andras Olsen and Páll Sólstein have written the music. The concert is 40 minutes.

1600 Concert. Aldubáran are playing a concert together with Ernst S. Dalsgarð. Music by Kristian Blak, Sunleif Rasmussen, Waagstein and Tróndur Bogason. The concert is 75 minutes.

1900 Hanus G. Johansen og Aldubáran. Aldubáran has during the last two decades had great collaboration with Hanus. It has resultet in numerous concerts and two CD’s. The concert is 60 minutes.


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