Aldubáran - musical waves

Since the group was founded in 1995, Aldubáran has continually forged new paths by putting contemporary music on the map in the Faroe Islands.

The first chamber group of its kind in the Faroes, and founded by the nation’s first generation of professional musicians, has spearheaded the development of new Faroese music.

The musicians have, individually and collectively, grown up alongside the music festival Summartónar, which - over the last 30 years - has been the most important event for commissioning contemporary music, as well as providing a platform for its performance.

The group has a repertoire from Bach to Boulez, and has a varied programme: workshops for new composers, school concerts, recordings, and crossover projects with the leading pop and folk artists in the Faroes. Aldubáran is at the core of the annual Summartónar festival, always performing new Faroese - as well as international - scores.

Aldubáran means "little wave". The wave is still causing a ripple effect, continuing its ceaseless exploration across a wide-ranging musical landscape..