Aldubáran at Summartónar 2015

For Summartónar 2015 Aldubáran will play 10 concerts.
27th of june we will play 3 concerts, see other post.
Other than this we will play concerts with 3 chamber groups around the Islands.
Chamber Concerts:

Angelika (Viola) , Christina (bassoon) and Andrea (flute)
Saturday 20th june at 3 p.m., Mykines Kirkjan
Monday 22nd june at 3 p.m., Nordic House
Wednesday 24th june at 7 p.m., Gjógv Gjáargarður

Aldubáran Strings and Piano
Øssur Bæk (violin), Sámal Petersen (violin), Jon Festurstein (violin), Angelika Nielsen (viola), Andreas Restorff (cello), Johannes Andreasen (piano)
Saturday 5th July at 4 p.m., Fuglafjørður Mentanarhúsið
Tuesday 7th July at 730 p.m., Nordic House

Aldubaráran brass players
Ólavur Olsen (trompet), Johan Hentze (trompet), Páll Sólstein (French horn), Andras Olsen (trombone)
Saturday 8th August at 1130 p.m., Havnar Kirkja
Sunday 9th August at 3 p.m., Sandur Listasavnið

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