• Janus er ein stjørna

    Music by Páll Sólstein set to picture book by Edward Fuglø

  • Dancing Raindrops

    Aldubáran released new album with chamber and solo works by Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen on the 18th of March 2011.

  • Frå Leddiken

    Celebrating the 100th anniversery of Norwegian poet Jakob Sande.

  • Glóð

    Music by Páll Sólstein with vocal soloists and Aldubáran.

  • Afturundirgerð

    Chamber music by Kári Bæk performed by Aldubáran

  • Dedicated

    Recording of Faroese, Danish and American music dedicated to Aldubáran.

  • Bouquet

    Bouquet was released in 2000, celebrating the 50th birthday of the Faroese singer/songwriter Hanus G. Johansen.

  • Portrait

    Portrait of Danish composer Jesper Koch. Aldubáran performing one piece.